Jed Haney Files for Thurston County Commissioner District 3

May 16th, 2018 – As a small business owner, non-profit developer, and public relations consultant, Jed Haney is constantly engaged in problem-solving around issues that impact the health and wellness of his community. The economy, the environment, and safety are what matters to the people Jed interacts with. Living in Thurston County since his teens, they’re his too.

Environmental management is important because our natural resources shouldn’t be squandered on shortsighted development plans. Jed believes that we need to support the Thurston County Conservation District in their efforts to maintain and restore our lands. He thinks that we need to expand our park services to inspire more eco-tourism which will stimulate our rural economies. Meanwhile, he knows we need to prepare for climate change.

Economic stewardship is vitally needed in a time when county spending is rampant. Thurston County is a predominantly rural county with a wealth of small mom-and-pop farms that need to find local markets. Ironically the rural communities suffer from food security because of a lack of access to fresh produce. Jed thinks that we need to fix this issue by building a series of farmers markets that can be supported by building a coalition of public development authorities. All the while we need to recognize that the county is growing, and that we need to set aside land trusts for affordable housing to prepare for the future growth.

Cannabis (marijuana) policy is in need of some guidance in Thurston County. In 2012 voters overwhelmingly voted in recreational cannabis and since then we have seen the blossoming of a brand new agriculturally based industry. The recently adopted zoning is so regressive that the mom-and-pop cannabis farmers will not stand a chance against large capital interest. Meanwhile, we need to expand safe and adequate access to the rural areas that are currently underserved. Jed believes that we need to take a more dynamic approach to this issue. Jed has a plan that he has been working on that will effectively create public ownership of rurally placed medical cannabis retail access points in our county which will create a new revenue stream for the county.

Looking to the future of cannabis policy we need to bring reparations from the failed drug war to the community. Jed wants to expunge the records of all citizens with a non-violent criminal cannabis charge. There should be no reason that the people should continue to suffer because of the mistakes of politicians in the past. While we are looking to the future we should begin to prepare for the federal decriminalization of hemp. Hemp farms and processing can be sited all over Thurston County thereby bringing a new cash crop to our rural farmers.

Jed brings leadership to the table. He is the President of Higher Influence, LLC which is a production company that employs eight people. He has led campaigns that stretch from building state-wide stakeholder alliances to organizing communities across Washington. Jed is running as an Independent for the people, and he hopes to gain your support. Vote for Jed Haney Thurston County Commissioner District 3.

Contact: Jed Haney (360) 389-2526,

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